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Project Detail 

Campus Mentis is an organic action of career guidance dedicated to the best graduates of Italy and it is part of the package "Right to the Future" of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Youth Department intended to the younger generations on issues of labor, housing, training and self-employment. More information can be found at www.gioventu.it.
The project involves the provision of a range of services and activities with high added value to young people under 30, graduates and undergraduates from all over Italy.


Campus Mentis is born as an experimental project that,using the residential formula ,aims to give a qualifying experience of professional and personal growth to the young graduates and undergraduates.
In addition to sports andeducation as issues discussed during the sessions, Campus Mentis, among other purposes, wants to match demand and supply of labor, to direct young people in the choices that can give more employment opportunities, training on the most effective application.
The purpose of the project is to offer to the recipients a free opportunity,livingin residentia lcampuses, to deepen their career path, participate to info-education sessions, meet the most important companies and employment agencies, participate in sports events and evening happenings.


The origins of the project
In 2009, thanks to the pilot project "Global Village Campus "(in partnership with the University of Rome "Sapienza"-ImpreSapiens Research Center), 600 graduates under 35,selected from universities around the country, participated in a unique experience of training, guidance and encounter with the most important Italian and foreign companies. In a residential lodgement for several days, 24 hours a day,were evaluated informal and informal occasions by"head hunters" of the production world.

Given the results achieved with the first edition, the pilot experience wasr eplicated in 2010 through the project Campus Mentis, which has seen tripled,along with available positions, even locations (Rome, Catania and Padova) and opportunities.

The future
With our experiencein the field,the project continues on a national scale. More than 20 thousand students will be involved in the experience of the Campus Mentis 2011-2013 period, and over 40 thousand of the best graduates and undergraduates of Italy will be involved in job placement.


What is
Mentis Arena is a virtual space created to support the matching beetwen the two extremes: best talent from Campus Mentis and the most important national and international companies participating in the project. It 's a property system, developed during activities, based on acquired issues and experiences , and released to increase matching between users.

How it works
Through an innovative database - the heart of the MentisArena - Project Campus Mentis connects the two extremes that are rarely encountered.The focal point is to use a diagram many to many trying to maximize the chances of matching system.

The main purpose of Mentis Arena is to encourage contacts between young talents and businesses, regardless of their physical encounter. It provides the professional profiles of all participants at Campus Mentis for all companies beyond the effective meeting at the campus.

Who can access
While recording Database Campus Mentis, all the candidates who passes the selections to participate in the campus are also included in Mentis Arena.
Oonly companies and partners participating in CampusMentis and underwriting its agreements can take advantage of Mentis Arena .

Activities supports
Operation and technical assistance of Mentis Arena are supported by the staff of CampusMentis for the best results.

Duration / How long
The duration of access to Mentis Arena is conditional on participation in campus and lasts at least a year. During this period, candidates and companies have plenty of time to meet.


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